Product Concept

Your own unique light lies beyond your limits.
Women want to stay themselves and stay beautiful always,
unrestricted by age or convention.
We take into account what happens to skin with age,
and aim to resolve the problems of more mature skin.

5 steps to going beyond your limits

Every day, our skin is exposed to harsh environments and damaged by
UV rays, dry air, exhaustion, mental stress etc.

As women get older, their skin undergoes various changes.
A major reason for these changes is the decrease in female hormones.
This decrease in female hormones begins in our 40s and causes loss of tone and elasticity,
extreme dryness etc., accelerating skin aging,

Dark spots, wrinkles, open pores, sagging, dry skin…
Our 5 essential steps to resolving these skin problems help deliver age-defying confidence
and strong, radiant skin.


  • Strengthen
  • Protect
  • Circulate
  • Store
  • Attack